We are a group of six students from Goldsmiths College who are doing a project on the 2012 Olympic Games in collaboration with the Museum of London as part of our MA in Art and Politics. The focus of our project is to analyze how these games are affecting London communities, mainly those located close to the Olympic site. We want to know how the process of gentrification is affecting residents in their day-to-day life, as well as their impressions of the Olympic Games as a whole. We are also comparing the current situation with other similar past situations, such as the gentrification process that took place in the Docklands area in order to, hopefully, raise interesting questions about how things have changed since then, if they have at all.

Four months left for the Olympic games to start. The mayor is excited, but what do the locals think about it?

“Site/Fringe” asked the “closer neighbours” – the residents of Hackney Wick as well as of the Carpenters Estate, social housing right next to the Olympic site. On the 24th of March we will show the results and connect you with the locals. A resident from the Carpenters Estate will guide you through the area. Afterwards a film that reflects the local people’s opinion will be projected on a building. More details on our website soon!

The collected material from the event will become part of the Museum of London’s collection.

More events will follow. Check the “Events/Screenings” section often to keep updated.

Who we are:
The ‘Site/Fringe” project is created by six MA Art & Politics students from Goldsmiths, University of London, in conjunction with the Museum of London.

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  1. I have only just found about about this by picking up a random leaflet in the abbey lane sorting office! Im very keen to know more and to see the film. I am a Stratford Resident and have been heavily involved in a sister campaign to the Atherton one where the council have taken away the children’s library space and will, in April 2012 be opening what they say will be an “all singing all dancing” new Library in stratford. It will, however, be a reduced space, for children as well as adults, as the Service Centre across the road has shut and the work from that space is moving into the existing library space….hence there will be so many random people using the space we are all in fear of a health and safety nightmare. The children;s new space is not contained and is very close to the entrance, unlike the old plan of the building. We have a great dela of local support attached to this campaign.

    I am the Chair of NCT Newham and so we are very keen as parents to see what will actually happen as regards facilities around and in the new site that will be appropriate for families, especially the need for better and new schools given the huge numbers of people moving into the area post the games.

    I am also involved in the Stratford Village Residents Association and we are currently suffering with a great deal of noise and disruption as regards the building works and parking changes that will happen.

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