Museum of London Event 30th April 2012, 6.30pm

The screening of ‘On the Edge’ will be followed by a panel discussion, and will be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs taken around the Olympic fringe throughout the film-making process. We will also be displaying posters we have made in response to the issues affecting the area, whilst relating back to similar events that occurred in the 1980s with the regeneration of the Docklands.

‘On the Edge’ is a collection of stories and experiences recorded from local people living around the Olympic site. Our aim is to highlight their thoughts on the ongoing changes to the area, focusing on housing issues, and the effect it is having on communities and local businesses. The work draws parallels with the “redevelopment” of the Docklands in the 1980s, calling attention to the ongoing struggle of residents in the face of corporate development.

A panel discussion is to take place after the film to debate the effect of gentrification and re-generation, questioning their negative and positive effects with the intention to propose a way in which it can occur whilst benefiting local, existing communities. We are looking back at the Docklands regeneration to highlight the similarities between regeneration processes, and to question what can we learn from the past, and why we have not already learnt from the past. We intend this discussion to be a necessary step in strengthening methods that could aid current campaigners against present process of gentrification.

A display of posters and photos from the Olympic arena (made by Site/Fringe), and the Docklands in the eighties (made by Loraine Leeson and Peter Dunn) are to be positioned against each other to provoke a dialogue upon “gentrification” and “redevelopment”.

Site/Fringe creators state: “our motive is not in opposition to the Olympics, but to challenge the pre conception of the terms gentrification, regeneration and redevelopment , and to facilitate the campaign of the communities that has been disregarded in the shadow of the Olympic fringe”.

Joseph Alexander, a resident and campaigner from the Carpenters Estate said that Site/Fringe’s project “will increase their campaign’s profile, as well as public awareness”.

6.30-9pm, Museum of London Docklands
Film screening: 7:00pm
Refreshments: 7:30
Panel discussion: 8pm-9pm

The ‘Site/Fringe” project has been created by six MA Art & Politics students from Goldsmiths, University of London (Raquel Machtus, Kristen Rego, Ella Ackroyd, Ayat Alhaji, Paul Stewart, Caroline von Eichhorn)


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